The @crossfitsouthbrooklyn #crossfit total / strength cycle team. @cfsbk

The @crossfitsouthbrooklyn #crossfit total / strength cycle team. @cfsbk

Final lift of the day. 3rd deadlift. 385#. #crossfit total final = 850# (at CrossFit South Brooklyn)

Dead lift attempt 2. 365#. #crossfit total. (at CrossFit South Brooklyn)

155# press. PR. #crossfit total (at CrossFit South Brooklyn)

Press attempt #2. 152.5# - PR. #crossfit total (at CrossFit South Brooklyn)

310# squat. PR. #crossfit total (at CrossFit South Brooklyn)

Rep 2 … 290# squat. #crossfit total. (at CrossFit South Brooklyn)


By Edmund O’Neill, Director of Product at Relay GSE (Twitter: @esoneill)

Here they are again! One of our software developers, Simon Korzun, and my fellow Director of Product, Michal Perlstein, biked in the NYC Century, a 100-mile cycling tour around our fair city. Kudos to them for this herculean effort. 

Simon was kind enough to lend his hand as a marshal, helping other riders with bike problems and route info. You can see him above helping to fix a bike that broke down. 

You can see Simon and Michal's actual bike paths using Strava, a nice little bike tracking app. 

Three cheers for these two intrepid cyclists!

(My thanks to Amy Holiday for the photos, and a shout-out to her wonderful work with the Americorps Residency here at Relay GSE.)


Is this better, Mr. Brown. (And what value did that influence have to those who bought it?)

I’ll believe Scott Brown is not a lobbyist just as soon as someone convinces me that ketchup is a vegetable

Wow: Nastygram from the Brown campaign



I received this nastygram by email today from Scott Brown’s campaign manager — cc-ing my boss, the provost and president.

I take it Mr. Reed’s outrage is triggered by the Senate’s regulations of what constitutes being a “lobbyist” for purposes of the Senate rules. I hadn’t received the memo…

Miyo dancing